Carl tore wahrenAfter some years as assistant professor in political science and international politics at the universities in Stockholm and Uppsala, I have spent my professional life working on global issues, such as sustainable development, water, food supplies, demographic dynamics and the status and role of women. I worked for i.a. Sida (Sweden), the OECD (Paris), as Sec.Gen. at the IPPF (London), consultant at the UNFPA (New York).

I have been a Founding Board Member of the Internationa HIV/AIDS Alliance (UK) and active in a range of international parliamentary groups as well as the WHO (consultant) and UNICEF (Board Member in the Swedish National Committee), Member of le Commitée Scientific – Equilibres et Populations (Paris) and others.

In parallel, all my life I have worked as a pianist/songwriter, composing for various audiences and carrying out responsibilities in organizations promoting Opera, such as OPUS-OPERA in Gattières, France.


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